I was part of a Strategic Prayer and Worship team to Skopje, Macedonia in June 2018. We went hoping to build up the existing long term missionaries (workers) through prayer, worship, and help to run/organise meetings or events whilst we where there. This was my first international mission trip.
I’m not the best flyer, however, I have never been more calm about a flight. This calmness was met with an initial blunder, as when we arrived in Skopje Airport in Macedonia, my luggage did not arrive with me. Also, our car had a flat tyre. I was not very shaken by these things, rather I was encouraged that God had something significant that He wanted to do in Macedonia with our team, and this was a feeble attempt from the enemy to discourage us. Plus, I kind of felt like a 1st century disciple, leaving my worldly possessions behind me and pursuing the spiritual battle field with just one tunic and a message about Jesus Christ (Matthew 10:10).
We stayed in the Macedonia House of Prayer, or MAKHOP for short, which was a wonderful experience as later in the week they ran a 24-hour Prayer and Worship Burn, which allowed us to be fully involved in leading that throughout the day and night. The first few days were really full on, with lots of meeting workers and praying/worshipping with them. When leading worship there was a mutual understanding of how the Holy Spirit wanted to move in each specific setting and we were able to allow that to happen whilst trusting each others musical capability. Our little worship leading team was anointed by God to minister deeply during our time away.
The cultural division in Macedonia is similar to Northern Ireland, where there are Albanian Macedonians who are typically Islamic in faith, living alongside Macedonians who generally identify as Orthodox Christian. It was strange to see such clear cultural division associated with identity and faith, being a problem across the world. It made it easier for us to communicate with the locals and understand their worldview in relation to identity.
A significant moment was when we took cable cars up Mount Vodno where a large metal cross had been built as a political statement of ownership over the city by the Orthodox Christians who occupied Skopje. We reached the top of the mountain and sang songs of breakthrough over Skopje and were then able to share Jesus with a couple who we met there. Bobby and Emma. Emma was healed during prayer which then opened up more discussion about Jesus and His love for them. They are now connected with people from the MAKHOP.

Another meaningful event that happened was on our trip to Tetovo, which has a population of 90,000 people, and the workers there have found only 3 Christian believers in the entire city! They have opened up an outreach hub there called the Shift Centre where they run English and music classes. We were able to take an evening session about Ireland, where I definitely played my tin whistle. That day we took another trip up the mountain and prayed over Tetovo from above. As we began to pray, the Islamic called to prayer began between the 17 Mosques that were below us. This was a very special moment for me, as I fully felt the weight and gravity of being on this team. I felt as though there was an actual battle between our prayers and the call to prayer that was being sung out over the city.

We also travelled into Kosovo one day where we led a few hours of prayer and worship in the Kosovo House of Prayer. This was a massive privilege and it is amazing to see the faith of the Christian believers in these places. They have left their families and comfortable lives to pursue their calling to share their salvation. It is evident to see each and every Christian’s abandonment to God’s plan for them in Macedonia and Kosovo as it is not an easy place to live out one’s faith. There are a lot of Islamic believers and Orthodox Christian’s who have not realised the saving power and love of Jesus Christ and it was an honour build up the long term workers who live there.

If you are continuing to pray for the country of Macedonia or Kosovo, please pray for more Christian workers to go and live to share Jesus. Please pray for the existing workers there (Bryan, Leelee and kids| Alison, Jamie and kids| Igor, Mirjami and Isaac| Freddie, Dijanna and kids| Dario, Ruth and Kids| Wes and Natalie| Bianka and the Kosovo HOP team|). Pray that they would be covered by the guidance and comfort of God on their mission.
During my trip I realised the power of God through prayer and worship. I understood more about my gifting and calling to worship. I grew in compassion for all of God’s children. If you want to know more about my time in Macedonia, I would be more than happy to meet with you or chat after the service some Sunday. Thank you for your prayers and financial support for my trip.