We all have values in life. They give us direction and help us focus on what is most important to us. At The Journey Church we also have our core values. They influence how we think and how we live – they give direction to the mission of our church. These three core values are being Relational, Intentional and Missional.



The Journey Church is passionate about knowing Jesus. As people made in God’s image we are a relational people created to live in relationship with our creator (Gen.1:26). Life is made up of many relationships and we strive to make all of them healthy. The quality of these relationships will largely determine the direction of our lives – none more so than our relationship with God. All other healthy relationships flow from knowing Jesus personally. Sadly, our sins have separated us from God (Gen.3:8), but God the Father sent his Jesus his Son to put that right. Through faith in the person and work of Jesus we can have that relationship restored (John 3:16). He places us in the family of God and we form meaningful friendships in the local church (Heb.10:24). This is one of the main ways we grow and see all other relationships impacted through God’s power.



We are not designed to drift aimlessly through life. God wants to give us purpose and direction through our relationship with Him. Jesus came that we might have life in all its fullness (John 10:10). When the Spirit of God lives in us He impacts every area of our lives as he brings healing and restoration to us. He transforms our thinking as we saturate our minds in Scripture (Romans 12:1-2). Through following Jesus we grow in our understanding of why we were created. God invades every part of us and causes us to live with intentionality. We seek to glorify God in every aspect of our lives, even in the basic tasks of daily life (1 Cor. 10:31). So, as individuals and as a church we want to continually ask questions like: Why do we do what we do? Is this glorifying to God? Would God have us do this differently? This is what it means to be an intentional people. We are focused and purposeful.



Life lived in deep relationship with God always results in missional living. To live missionally simply means to join Jesus on his mission of restoring all things by living life with gospel intentionality. The rhythm of God’s heartbeat is missional and so is ours. We long to see lives transformed and every area of society influenced by God’s presence. At home and overseas, we are a people with an outward focus who continually reach out to those around us. God’s heart is for the nations and so is ours. Whether it’s crossing the street or crossing the world we live to make Jesus known. We are a people deeply committed to prayer. We long to see lives and communities transformed through the good news of Jesus Christ. As a church we are also committed to forming strong partnerships with others who are passionate about making Jesus known.