Our team of 7 arrived in West Africa late on Saturday evening. For myself (Jim) it was my first time back in the country in 9 years and for Connie, it was her first time ever in this location. It was also our first time in 21 years that both Connie and myself were working in West Africa together.

Our project was to provide clean drinking water in as many villages as possible in 2 weeks. We achieved this by drilling bore holes deep into the ground, in the hope to finding a good source of clean flowing water for the occupants of the village.


After breakfast on our first morning, we gathered our supplies and began the 6-hour trip to the first village. On arrival, we met with the village pastor who led us to our first drill site, which was positioned beside the villages church building.


We set up camp, dining in the church building and sleeping in tents outside.  We were so blessed to have a good cook, called Sam, who provided very delicious and filling meals for us, with very little supplies.


Each morning after breakfast we took turns in sharing from Gods word and praying for the work in the villages.  After orientation on working safely around the rig equipment, we gathered around the drill site and prayed that God would bless our work and give us success in the provision of water.


Our first well came quickly which we gave thanks for and what an encouragement to see the smiles on everyone’s face.

We were so aware that while we were in West Africa The Journey Church were continuing to pray for us and standing with us as we worked in very difficult and remote locations. Can we take this opportunity in the Lords name to thank you all so much for being a part of our trip.


We asked you to pray for unity, good health, safety, protection, open doors, prepared hearts and good success and we thank God for meeting all these needs.


During our 2 weeks we drilled 7 bore holes in total with 6 wells completed and some 750 miles travelled.

As you can appreciate drilling wells in itself is not evangelism, it is just an activity. We went into a community for a period of time, drilled a well and then left; but the work goes on after we leave. The Pastors use the wells as a tool to be able to give that example of Gods love in the same way that Jesus gave a free gift on the cross for us.  These wells are a gift freely given to these people and for them, “water is life” and they put a lot of hope in this water. It’s in the same way that Jesus is our hope and it’s that basis that the Pastors use to build on, to share the gospel of Jesus Christ