I was blessed to spend a week this Easter visiting long term missionaries in North Africa with a small team, including my girlfriend Farah*; the trip turned out to be one of the most important I’ve ever been on. Our very own Stephen Megarry said in relation to his trip to Jamaica that you can tell when people are prayerfully supporting you at home while you’re away, and throughout this trip I was made well aware that people were praying massive prayers to a massive God, as displayed through the massive ways in which He moved.

Both myself and Farah* had been praying through the possibility of God’s call on our lives towards long-term mission, and so in the lead up to leaving we had been primarily praying for direction: that we might be able to encounter God in a massive way and have discernment about the country and His will for our lives.

God answered this almost immediately. When the plane landed, both Farah and I felt a significance upon the week that we were about to have, and sensed an activeness of the Lord. We both went on the trip with the intention of exposure due to the country’s nature of being a closed muslim country, but in God’s grace we were able to both minister to many locals and share the gospel in ways we never imagined we would be able to! Throughout the trip, in encounters with locals we sensed such openness with as they invited us into their homes to chat. It became clear to us that God is moving massively in the land as the fields are becoming white for harvest.

The trip really helped us in terms of discerning God’s call on our lives since we both individually and as a couple heard God speaking more clearly than we ever have before. I feel that my heart is for these people and that long term I want to see these people reached, and so we can’t wait to return.

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