At The Journey we are passionate about knowing Jesus and making Him known. In order to fulfil our mission we have three core values that drive all that we do.

1. Relational – Everything we do as a church has the aim of bringing people into a relationship with God and with other people. Lives are deeply changed through personal faith in Jesus Christ and living in close community with other Christians. At The Journey we create platforms which encourage these two types of relationships to flourish. The primary means of accomplishing this task is the Word of God taught and lived out personally and collectively.

2. Intentional – Both individually and corporately we live our lives with gospel intentionality. We encourage each other to intentionally place ourselves in contexts that will maximise our opportunities to form meaningful friendships with people who don’t know Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Our desire is to live out the gospel among people and to speak of the wonderful hope that Christ offers. In everything we ask: Why are we doing it this way? Is there a more effective way of organising our lives and our church that will make our walk and our witness more effective? 

3. Missional – We are a church with a strong outward focus on fulfilling the mission of spreading the gospel at home and abroad. We are working hard to reach people who have no church connection or background. We recognise that we live in changed times regarding people’s view of Christianity and their desire follow the Lord. No longer can we assume that people have the foundational biblical knowledge of past generations. The number of non-Christians willingly coming to our church gatherings are rapidly decreasing. Therefore, we must go and meet them where they are.